Andall to tell her stories of life

Ella Andall
Ella Andall

The Stories of Life with Ella Andall will feature the artiste in conversations and music, moderated by Professor Gerard Hutchinson and music accompaniment by guitarist Theron Shaw this weekend.

"The Stories of Life are often interwoven with word and song, and this is the context within which the evening's gathering will be set," said a media release.

Considered by many as the Caribbean Queen of Song – a chantuelle supreme, a high priestess of African-Caribbean music, Andall’s journey is one of power and potency.

She is one of the most exciting performers who is revered by her audiences for her dynamic voice and riveting stage presence. Her powerful voice and soul-shaking invocations explore the fundamental rhythms and chants of the Orisa traditions in the Caribbean.

Andall's music is also a celebration of the Orisha faith. She is first and foremost an olorisha, or Orisha devotee. It is a way of life that celebrates African ancestors and the divine in nature, with various aspects and forces of the natural world represented in the Orisha, who are each a manifestation of God, or Olodumare, the release said.

Over the years she has endeared herself to fans with classic hits including Hello Africa, Black Woman, Missing Generation, Rhythm of a People and the ever-popular Bring Down the Power which never ceases to move audiences wherever she performs.

The drum and vocal tapestry of her artistry is woven with power and pride in praise songs to Ogun, Sango, Esu, Oya, Yemonja, Osun.

"At a time when the pan-African diaspora is rediscovering its roots in traditional religion Andall’s music offers a pathway to trace the lineage of ancestry back to Africa through song," the release said.

"Over the years, she has moved with determination to express the ‘rootical’ sound of the Caribbean, embracing all its musical forms, while rejoicing with the African spirit and retracing ancient steps with new energy."

An Evening of Conversations and Music – Ella Andall, Her Story, My Story, Our Story takes place on Saturday at 7 pm at the Normandie, St Ann's.


"Andall to tell her stories of life"

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