International distributors attend Angostura forum

Distributors and company representatives at Angostura’s Global Distributors Forum held in Miami, USA. Photo courtesy Angostura
Distributors and company representatives at Angostura’s Global Distributors Forum held in Miami, USA. Photo courtesy Angostura

From June 23 to 26 the House of Angostura hosted its fifth biennial Angostura Global Distributors Forum at W South Beach, Miami. Countries represented included Hong Kong, Denmark, Brazil, Latvia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the United States and of course, TT.

Representing the company were chairman Terrence Bharath; executive manager - corporate services and acting executive manager - marketing, Rahim Mohammed; and executive manager regional sales, Alejandro Santiago. Forum participants exchanged ideas with the Angostura team to further understand markets with the ultimate goal of expansion.

The theme for this year’s forum was New Ways of Working, and there were discussions on new organisational innovation models and new ways of working. Over the four days some of the well-known and respected experts in the industry, including Phillip Duff, Derek Brown and Miguel Lancha delved into industry trends and the dilemma of catering for real time needs, in a time where required skills are changing faster than the employee basis of most organisations. Best practices were presented by markets that were able to successfully translate the global strategic plans into tactical market plans and executions.

Angostura Holdings chairman Terrence Bharath addresses guests at the Global Distributors Forum. Photo courtesy Angostura

The conference also provided a medium for sharing the global strategy and direction for the Angostura brands; understanding the needs of distributors; enabling more effective management of partnerships; sharing best practices of top performers and consumer insights, and initiating new distributors into the network.

To wrap up the conference, well-known mixologist Tom Walker presented six cocktails, a twist on some popular classics using Angostura rums and Angostura aromatic bitters to showcase new modern classics using the House of Angostura’s portfolio of products.

Bharath noted, “In our thrust for outward expansion and foreign growth, these meetings are integral to our push to expand. I am delighted to have met so many of our distributors from around the globe and I have, on behalf of Angostura, given my commitment to work closely with our foreign partners as we advance our mutual goal of penetrating more foreign markets.”


"International distributors attend Angostura forum"

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