Pepper Advertising appoints first AI specialist

Liliana Ragbir-Sookaran, AI specialist at Pepper Advertising Ltd. -
Photo courtesy Pepper
Liliana Ragbir-Sookaran, AI specialist at Pepper Advertising Ltd. - Photo courtesy Pepper

PEPPER Advertising Ltd has announced the appointment of Liliana Ragbir-Sookaran as its first artificial intelligence (AI) specialist.

In a release, Pepper said this appointment underscores its commitment to harnessing progressive technology and innovation to develop brands and drive sales for clients.

Ragbir-Sookaran previously worked for ten years at Pepper and made significant contributions as its client services lead.

"Her rich background, marked by senior marketing and e-commerce roles at leading companies in the retail sector, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the local marketing landscape," the release said.

Keitha Oliver, general manager at Pepper, said Ragbir-Sookaran's transition into a new role is a natural progression of her career.

"Her diverse experience on the client side, combined with her proven track record at Pepper, assures us that she is the ideal candidate to lead our initiatives in this new and exciting domain. Ragbir-Sookaran's solid work ethic and ability to understand new technologies are exactly what we need to continue delivering exceptional results for our clients," Oliver said.

In her new role, Ragbir-Sookaran will be at the forefront of integrating AI-driven solutions into Pepper's service offerings, ensuring the company remains relevant and brings value to its clients.

Her expertise in event planning and execution will also enhance Pepper's ability to create impactful, memorable experiences for its clients and their audiences, the release said.

Speaking on her appointment, Ragbir-Sookaran said, "I am honoured to step into this pioneering role at Pepper, a place I've always considered home.

"The opportunity to blend AI with our strategic and creative efforts excites me. I look forward to driving innovation within the agency and for our clients, helping to navigate the evolving digital landscape with agility and foresight."


"Pepper Advertising appoints first AI specialist"

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