Attacks on our youths

THE EDITOR: I look at our dailies and they are filled with stories on attacks against our youths. Is there a ploy by the dark forces against them? I read of two sisters shot 16 times, a form 3 student shot dead in Guaya, freak accidents involving toddlers and the gory list goes on and on.

It seems our future generation is seriously under attack. Over the years, we have seen what is happening all around us – young men and women having their lives snuffed out. Some by the gun, some by lifestyle choices. It is important that as a nation we bind together and do all we can to preserve our future generation.

All of us, from those in authority to the common man, we all have a part to play in stemming the flow. In your daily devotion, remember the youths for they more than ever, need our prayers.

A Gopeesingh via e-mail


"Attacks on our youths"

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