Spotlight on TT cocoa

Can cocoa be king once more for TT? If the diligent army of cocoa farmers, chocolatiers and researchers have their way the kingdom for our world famous fine-flavour sweetener will be restored. It is their work that Business Day focuses on today, highlighting their efforts to firmly plant our Trinitario variety on the international market, and by doing so revitalise a sector that was once the mainstay of the economy – and perhaps, may be so again. We feature the enterprise of The Cocoa Pod and its speciality cocoa infused bars, powders, jams, even pudding. There's also farmers Geeta and Leroy Peters who are going beyond their estate into chocolate-making, the rise of a host of chocolatiers developing signature flavours and the think-thank of the Cocoa Research Unit, the marketing of the Cocoa Development Company and the science of how cocoa can teach chemical engineering to students of a Minnesota university.


"Spotlight on TT cocoa"

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