Urgent need for new ideas about prison

THE EDITOR: This letter is not about the ease with which one can escape prison. It is about asking why, to date, there is no talk about building at least one state-of-the-art, First World-type facility.

No prisoner, from murder accused to mere weed pusher, should have to relieve himself in a bucket. That is a crime in itself perpetrated against both prisoner and prison officer. Why the inhumanity to all?

Officers should be paid enhanced salaries that would attract better and more applicants into the prisons service. The choked Remand Yard should be immediately freed up by sending people with minor offences home wearing security ankle bracelets.

Rearrest anyone tampering with the bracelets. You have exactly one chance only to agree to comply with the rules or its back to the yard. Loving and owning your bracelet like your own mother/wife/children is the secret of controlled freedom.

Prisoners should be allowed cell phones with the clear understanding that the police record every single call. I am not being facetious. A cell phone can be an asset in crime control. Those with nothing to hide will allow monitoring as opposed to no phone at all. There is enough entertainment on phones to keep each prisoner compliant.

None of the above should be determined as pie in the sky. Our situation in TT regarding crime, criminality and corruption needs revamping in a fashion that is unique to this country. We are small enough to make what may seem ridiculous work.



"Urgent need for new ideas about prison"

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