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Friday 23 August 2019
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Minshall opens North Coast Jazz

…artistes to pay tribute to Shadow

Peter Minshall
Peter Minshall

THE work of Peter Minshall, artist, designer, artistic director and masman, will feature before the start of the North Coast Jazz show at the Sir Solomon Hochoy Festival Park in Blanchisseuse on May 25.

Co-ordinated by actress Cecilia Salazar, the Minshall pre-show will comprise pierrot grenades, moko jumbies, puppets and corbeaux all dressed in white costumes, and parading to tassa music.

Sharon Phillips

Then at 4 pm, patrons will see the likes of Sharlan Bailey, Sharon Phillips (Tobago), Mya Scott, Gates Praise, Kashiff Wilson Kwartet (Tobago), Natasha Joseph, 3canal and the main back up band, Dean Williams and Friends fully entertaining them.

Gates Praise

The festival, with the tag line “Born here, Played here,” is now in its third year. And this year, all artistes on the cast have been asked to do a number from the huge body of work of the late Winston “Shadow” Bailey.

Shadow’s son Sharlan, one of the headline acts, told Newsday he was honoured to be in the show.

“The event is something I’ve been watching and have seen it growing over the years. I am happy that my father is being honoured this year and even happier that I am a part of it.”

However, Bailey kept his repertoire close to his chest. All he would say is that his music has always had a touch of his father in it. He will be performing with his seven-piece band.

3canal's Roger Roberts, left, Wendell Manwarren and Stanton Kewley perform .

Another headline act, 3canal, comprising Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts and Stanton Kewley, is also anxious to get on the North Coast stage.

Roberts said: “I am happy we are finally there. I like the whole idea of it and the ambience of where it is located. Yeah, we are excited.”

On their Shadow song of choice, Roberts said: “We are doing Toe Jam. That song is so funny and theatrical.”

Singer Scott says: “I feel ecstatic and really exited to work with the musicians that I’m partnering with for my performance, and to mingle with fellow cast members for the day. I’m also excited about putting my own spin on the songs I will be performing.”

Pannist Joseph, who will be playing I Come Out To Play in tribute to Shadow, is also very much looking forward to the show. “I am thrilled, honoured and excited to be a part of it.”

Guitarist Williams and friends will provide accompaniment for 3canal, Joseph and Scott.

Victoria Griffith, a vocalist with the gospel group Gates Praise, says the 14-member group is also very excited. “We are honoured to be invited on the show. We will be doing a remodification of one of Shadow’s songs but it is a surprise!”

Wilson, leader of the Kashiff Wilson Kwartet, which includes Justin Peterkin, Curtis Collins, Ryan George and vocalist Delissa Wilson-George, said, “I’m very honoured. It is a great privilege to bless Trinidad with talent from Tobago. We are coming to entertain the crowd.”

Their Shadow song of choice is Yuh Lookin For Horn. Fellow Tobagonian powerhouse singer Phillips will do Stranger.

Booths with local food and craft will be on sale and there will be several door prizes and giveaways at the event. MC for the evening is Whitney Husbands.

A park-and-ride system begins at 10 am from the Paddock at the Queen's Park Savannah, with buses leaving as they are filled from 11 am. They will return to Port of Spain from 9.30 pm.

There is also parking at Blanchisseuse Primary and Secondary Schools for those who choose to drive, and will be shuttled from those schools to the grounds.

For other patrons who choose to spend the weekend on the north coast, there is a packed night of action on the Friday before the jazz day.

From 6 pm, the North Coast Pan Serenaders will perform at the festival park, then at 7 pm there will be the screening of the local movie Bim, after which patrons can go turtle watching. It’s all free of charge.

Tickets for the show and park and ride are being sold at all NLCB outlets.

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