Abdul-Mohan elected Presbyterian Moderator

THE REV Joy Abdul-Mohan has been unanimously elected Moderator of the Presbyterian Church.

For the first time in over a decade, there was no contest to the nomination.

Abdul-Mohan is a former Independent Senator and has been a minister of the church for over 25 years.

The moderator is elected to head the church for two years.

In a congratulatory letter to Abdul-Mohan, Justice Frank Seepersad, who is a lay minister in the Presbyterian Church, told her, “Your appointment comes at a time when, more than ever, there is a need for servant leadership.

“As a church we need to reinvent our approach to evangelism and ensure that we create a familiar environment which fosters support and encouragement among members,” he said.

Seepersad noted that it was evident that young people were “yearning for safe spaces and direction” and said “the church has to be tasked with the daunting mandate of presenting itself in a way that is relevant and relatable.”

“The strength of institutions is heavily dependent upon the dedication and demeanour of its leaders. Your stellar discharge of your pastoral obligations, your service to this Republic as an Independent Senator, your humility, your unwavering faith and the lack of duplicity in your personal life shall serve you well as you discharge the divine call to engage in servant leadership,” Seepersad said.

“Our church and by extension our nation, is blessed to have you at the helm of the Synod and I pray that your leadership will provide inspiration and guidance for a battered and bruised people who are collectively yearning for exemplars of forgiveness, faith, fortitude, fairness and familial focus,” he added.


"Abdul-Mohan elected Presbyterian Moderator"

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