THA yet to find alternative landfill site

RESIDENTS of Mount St George, Hope and John Dial have described the Studley Park Landfill as "unbearable" and are again calling for its relocation or another solution. At a public consultation at the Mount St George community centre last Wednesday. residents made a number of suggestions to Secretary for the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development Dr Agatha Carrington about how to deal wit the problem.

One concerned resident, Theresa Jack of Mount St George recalled promises were made to relocate the landfill after residents complained about health issues caused by the scent and smoke from the burning rubbish.

Carrington said the THA has been looking for a new site to relocate the dump but “we have not been able to do that just yet."

She added, "I know it’s a difficult situation, because where the landfill is it is close to where people live. At the present time we haven’t been able to find a site to relocate.”

Carrington said the division is expected to benefit from the Green Fund to improve its waste management. “The dump is almost full so that we need to hasten what happens with waste disposal,” she said.

Another resident, Edric Alfred recommended that THA acquire equipment to tread old tyres at the landfill that are collecting water and breeding mosquitoes. Resident Noel Hector recommended the THA establish a recycle plant as there are limited places to relocate the Studley Park dump.


"THA yet to find alternative landfill site"

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