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Monday 27 May 2019
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A home for Mecky

UNABLE to house her pet dog Mecky, a woman is now searching for a family to adopt the animal.

Mecky was a malnourished puppy when she was found on the streets of King's Wharf, San Fernando nine years ago.

Neeleen Seecharan, 33, took the animal into her home in San Fernando. but she told Newsday that two weeks ago she had to move because of financial problems, and now lives at an apartment in Claxton Bay where no animals are allowed.

Seecharan recalled taking the dog for medical attention and grooming. "She is now a healthy pothound."

She said she had found great joy in taking care of Mecky.

But now, “I tried looking for other areas that will allow me to have Mecky, but no luck.

"It breaks my heart. Mecky is my life ,so my only option now is to find a family willing to take her in and treat her with the same kindness I showed her.”

In tears, Seecharan said, “Mecky has come a long way. She has been through so much. She was abused and left on the streets by someone. I showed her love. That was all she needed. Some people treat animals so cruel it is horrible.”

She said it was some time before Mecky was able to trust her.

“I wanted her to know that there are good humans out here. I nursed her wounds and I watched her thrive. She really came a long way.

"I wish there was another way. I wish she could be with me but that can’t happy, so my only choice is to put her up for adoption.”

Seecharan said she had visited animal shelters, but they were full at the moment.

“Mecky is on the waiting list at one shelter. I don’t know how long.

"I am now asking, is there anyone out there, a loving family that is willing to take in Mecky? I know there is at least one family in this country willing to take Mecky into a loving home. Please –all she needs is love.”

Anyone wishing to help Seecharan and Mecky can call 751-2864.

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