Stop body shaming of women

THE EDITOR: It’s beyond time for body positivity to go mainstream, because all bodies, regardless if big, small, light, dark, tall, or petite, are beautiful.

How often do we see magazines or advertisements constantly offering tips about how to lose weight “in days,” or how to appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections” without having any clue about any of us.

Aren’t overweight movie and TV characters, time and time again, the basis of humour and jokes?

At Carnival probably more than any other time or season, especially in TT, more women tend to get in shape with numerous work-out programmes and routines which in a way add more pressure – if that is correct choice of words – as Carnival requires a great level of fitness as it’s the time to wine down, prance, get on unashamedly and carefree with wanton misconduct.

Rather than urging women to “fix” themselves and spend loads of time and energy on having this societal definition of the “ideal beauty,” we should help them into healthy lifestyles.

The cultural messaging around bodies and weight should be encouraging healthy lifestyles and healthy bodies instead of shaming woman on their body size.

It’s not anyone’s place to shame a woman because her figure doesn’t meet someone’s personal (possibly unrealistic) expectations. And never have a misconception that slim is the only sexy, and never think that because someone is slim they are healthy.

Like it, accept it or dehumanise it as much as you want, but body shaming is in no way a positive contribution to society.


Asja Girls College



"Stop body shaming of women"

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