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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Birthday girl kept in dark about dad’s murder: Why is mommy crying?

JAMAL “Shabba” Moses’ daughter celebrated her eighth birthday today. She went to school and enjoyed the company of her friends who brought her cake and ice cream to celebrate. After school she was hoping her father, Moses, would pick her up and take her to the mall, where they could spend time together shopping and eating and having fun.

But that hope will never come true, because Moses was shot dead in Carenage on Sunday evening.

Relatives, while at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, said although none of the child’s family members had the heart to tell her Moses was dead, the young girl has noticed how sad everyone is, and is asking why.

“She keeps on asking 'why is mommy crying?' but no-one wants to say why,” said Moses’ relative. “I don’t want to tell her on birthday. Maybe tomorrow I will tell her, but definitely not today.”

Moses, of upper Mt Pleasant Carenage, was shot dead on Sunday at about 7 pm, not far from his home. Police say he was with two other men playing cards, when a gunman approached the group and shot Moses four times.

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