Garcia confused over Maloney girl's school absence

Education Minister Anthony Garcia.
Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia this morning expressed confusion when he learned that 11-year-old Rihanna Reed was not enrolled in a school and said he intended to look into the matter.

Speaking to Newsday after a press conference at Education Towers, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Garcia said he was not aware the girl was not placed in a school and said despite being autistic, there were still facilities prepared to accomodate her.

Rihanna fell out of the balcony of her mother's Maloney Gardens apartment yesterday when she tried to climb out to get to her friend's apartment.

Rihanna's father, Ryan Reed told reporters at the Paediatric Unit of the Mt Hope Hospital, that despite making several efforts to place her in school, she remained at home most of the time.

Garcia said he did not understand how Rihanna was not in school and said her condition should be no set-back to taking advantage of all educational opprtunities.

"I'm surprised because there are facilities for autistic children and they are prepared to have her but this is definitely something I intend to look into," Garcia said.


"Garcia confused over Maloney girl’s school absence"

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