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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Where is the leadership?

THE EDITOR: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has become a superman in the crime fight, solving crime faster than anything we have ever witnessed before, which leads many to ask what was going on in the Police Service before.

What was lacking was leadership. One of the requirements of a great leader is the ability to motivate his/her team, which Griffith is clearly doing. But one must wonder what is going on in the rest of TT. Do we as a nation practise “deliberate incompetency” so we can just ride the wave of getting paid to do nothing?

My reason for the word “deliberate” is that one country cannot have deficiencies in so many areas with so many highly educated individuals and still continue to operate as though no objectives need to be met.

From the fast food customer service to the state-run enterprises, we are failing miserably at achieving global operating objectives. Which leads me to ask:

Where is the leadership? Where are the Gary Griffiths of this nation? There are people in charge but why do citizens continue to experience failure at every corner? Does our nonchalant attitude toward everything hamper our ability to see that we are doing something wrong? When last have we heard “thank you” at a customer service outlet? Why do we always hear of delinquent payments by state agencies?

We can no longer as a society accept this lack of leadership as the norm. We deserve leaders who are willing to lead, as Griffith has clearly shown us.


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