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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

182 civic-minded lawyers only?

THE EDITOR: If the Prime Minister needs to decide on beginning impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice, why was it that out of some 1,000 lawyers in TT only 182 members of the Law Association found themselves available to vote on the motion?

Could this be one of the reasons we are drowning in crime and criminality? Is it because the legal fraternity does not care what is happening within its own association?

Is our horrendous backlog of cases awaiting trial due to complacency within the legal fraternity?

Why is it that not even 500 lawyers could find the time and the energy to attend the meeting? How many lawyers do we have in TT who actually function on a full-fledged basis? It would appear that it is not only the police who need to clean and shine their shoes.

Whether the Chief Justice is impeached or not appears to be of reduced importance to the man in the street and a considerable number of lawyers.

Can I legally ask why?


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Letters to the Editor