Independent senators back Income Tax Bill

THE Senate overwhelmingly passed the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2018 late Tuesday night, despite rejection by the Opposition.

All nine independent senators, most of whom were appointed last month, voted for the bill.

Last Friday, the bill emerged from the House of Representatives in a watered-down version, that the Government said no longer needed a special majority for its passage, but which the Opposition had likewise rejected. The House passed it by a simple majority.

In the Senate, the bill was passed by 24 votes “for” – comprised of Government and independent senators – to the Opposition’s six votes “against.”

The Government has claimed the country’s financial system was jeopardised by any delay in passing the bill that facilitates TT’s compliance with a European grouping – the Global Forum, but the Opposition argued the bill threatens people’s constitutional rights by the exposure of their tax details.


"Independent senators back Income Tax Bill"

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