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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Education ministry denies foot, hand and mouth disease in school

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia
Minister of Education Anthony Garcia

The Ministry of Education is denying that there are any confirmed cases of hand, foot and mouth diseases on the compound at the ASJA Primary School, San Fernando. As a result, the school is closed today.

This is contrary to a November 28 statement issued by the executive of the Parent Teachers Association to all parents, that there are confirmed cases of the diseases in the school. Parents are threatening to keep their children at home.

The release said children showed signs of gastroenteritis which appeared to be viral and was spreading among students but assured they were working with the school's administration to provide all possible support.

On Thursday morning, the officials from the Ministry of Health met with parents to sensitise them and requested students showing symptoms of fever, vomiting and rashes that they consult a doctor and keep them at home

The PTA also advised parents concerned about their child contracting the illness, to do what they think is best in terms of sending their child to school.

In a release on Thursday evening, the education ministry said it has implemented all necessary health protocols to address the concerns of the staff, students and parents after claims of the outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease on the compound.

The ministry said three children fell ill and were treated for vomiting and diarrhoea.

The Ministry of Health officials visited the school on Thursday, November 29, 2018, and carried out tests on the compound, but have not confirmed the presence of this disease.

“The principal also invited parents to a meeting and they were briefed by the health ministry officials on the symptoms of the disease and what measures are being implemented by the school to clean and sanitise the compound. Meanwhile, the school remains open, since the Ministry of Health has not given instructions to close the school.”

The statement said Education Minister Anthony Garcia expressed appreciation with the way the ministries of health, education and the Public Health departments responded to the situation to update parents and with the measures that have been implemented to address the health and safety concerns of both teachers and students.

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