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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Gasparillo mother found hog-tied with belt around her neck…

Tricia Farrow.
Tricia Farrow.

Three days after mother of six, Tricia Farrow was reported missing by her husband, her decomposing body was yesterday found behind an abandoned house in a semi-nude state and a wound to her head.

Farrow was found hog- tied, a belt wrapped around her neck which was a tied to a piece of PVC fastened to the house.

Police suspect that Farrow,42, may have been beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted by her attacker.

According to a police report, Farrow left her Hillview Drive, Bonne Aventure, Gasparillo home on Friday night. Her husband Earle Bando,50, told police that was the last time he had seen his wife alive. She did not return home that night.

On Saturday, the worried husband went to the Gasparillo police station to report his wife missing. Reports said on Monday morning about 8 after smelling a foul stench from at the abandoned house, a villager found Farrow’s body.

The abandoned house is located a stone’s throw away from her home.

Police were contacted. A District Medical Officer (DMO) viewed body and ordered its removal to the Forensic Science Centre. Farrow was positively identified by her children.

Speaking to Newsday yesterday at the family’s home, Farrow’s daughter, Nisha Bando, 21, said it was not the news that she was hoping to get.

“When police called us and said they found a body and told us to identify the body. It was my mother, I could not believe it. And when I saw the state my mother was in, I cried. She did not deserve this.”

Bando said her mother’s head was covered in blood. “What kind of monster is this? She was tied to the pipe and the belt around her neck like an animal. And her underwear and pants were pulled down. I think she was raped. There was blood on the floor.” the emotional woman said.

Bando said her mother left the house on Friday night and did not say where she was going. “She is accustomed leaving the house to go and lime. Before she left that night, I went to sleep. The next morning I did not see her. It was very strange because my mother don’t sleep out.”

Another sibling, Kerwin Bando said six months ago his mother was assaulted and was found in a “delusion state” in the bushes near the family home.

“She had gone missing for some hours that day and when we found her she was in a state of shock. She told us she was raped. I told her to make a report to the police, but she was ashamed because the man who raped her lived in the village. So because of shame she never said nothing and let it slide.”

Kerwin said no human is deserving of such gruesome death. “I just want justice to be done and I want the police to hold the person responsible for doing this. This person has to be held. I still can’t believe she is gone.”

He described his mother as full of life and outgoing. “She loved all her children and she loved life and to have a great time. And yes she loved all her grandchildren so much.”

An autopsy is expected to be performed today at the Forensic Science Centre.

Homicide Region Three Police are investigating.

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