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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Criticism of Garcia unfair

THE EDITOR: Earthquakes are a terrifying yet natural phenomenon of which human beings can do nothing to prevent. It is a tragic reality that sometimes lives are lost and property is either destroyed or damaged as a result of this act of nature.

Schools are not spared during earthquakes and we were lucky that the 6.8 quake last month did not reduce any of our schools to piles of rubble, as happened in Haiti in 2010. However, TTUTA’s recent criticism of Education Minister Anthony Garcia for what the union sees as his poor handling of the education system after the earthquake is unfair.

From what I read in the newspapers and saw on the television news, the minister and, by extension, the ministry have been making magic to keep the education system functioning by relocating students from those schools that were damaged to those that were not, just so that these students can continue to receive an education.

The minister also said his ministry has been moving full speed ahead with extensive repairs and other infrastructural works so that students can return to their schools which will be further strengthened to provide an even safer learning environment for them.

So, despite the post-earthquake challenges faced by the country, it is indeed heartening to learn that students are still receiving a quality education under the circumstances.


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