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Monday 20 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

A possible new era in politics, nationhood

THE EDITOR: Congratulations to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for daring to take what has been deemed by our largely trusted decision-makers as the game-changing action needed at Petrotrin to not only give this vital national asset its best chances of future success, but also to avoid our country being plunged into bankruptcy.

Being fully aware of the possibility that this action could cost himself and his party the next general election, Rowley has also started pushing the envelope of our leadership/people relationship paradigm from the traditional, “How it go look?” to the usually unpopular, “Do the right thing.”

In doing so, he has rocked the underground of our political landscape by forcing citizens to start looking for a new set of reasons to vote political parties into power above and beyond their government’s ability to satisfactorily respond to the people’s “gimme gimme” syndrome demands and vociferous questions such as, “What all yuh do for me?”

Perhaps without knowing it, Rowley seems to be setting us up for an exciting new era in politics and nationhood where we will be driven by pursuing the collective dream of our noblest possibilities as a people.

This new thinking is a departure from the pattern of petty, egotistical, divisive behaviour and attitudes that now barely hold us together like a shattered windscreen.

So in setting us up, Rowley needs to be vigilant about how he may also be setting himself up. Therefore, in navigating this new, mysterious path, he must be big enough to call for help outside of his circle of guardians who now protectively stand around him at the edge of a precipice of hope, but who cannot teach him how to fly.


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Letters to the Editor