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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

No ‘$20 and more’ Linx rule

THE EDITOR: In reading an article headed “Pay for doubles with Linx” in your Thursday issue, I noticed it was said, "Normally, Linx and credit cards are only accepted for purchases upwards of $20.” However, that is not true (and quite possibly illegal, and perpetuates ignorance to the public about their consumer rights.

Infolink, the company that provides Linx transactions (I think), clearly states on its website that there is no minimum amount for using a Linx or debit card. However, some merchants of smaller stores insist on perpetuating this “$20 and more” rule for their own benefit.

This country already glorifies ignorance. Please let’s nip it in the bud when we can.

T ST LOUIS via e-mail

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Letters to the Editor