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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Flavourite worker gunned down

File Photo by Shane Superville
File Photo by Shane Superville
A 21-year-Beetham resident, who police said was an activist against crime and the negative stigma of the community, was gunned down last evening on his way home.

Kareem Douglas was a few streets away from his home, Apt H, 21st Street, Beetham Gardens, when he was ambushed and killed. Police said Douglas did not have a criminal record and was known for opposing crime and may have been murdered because he voiced his discontent. Douglas worked at Flavourite Co Ltd, but police were unsure of his position there.

In a video circulated after the murder, residents are heard saying Douglas was not involved in crime and woman said he was recently married and lived at Phase Three before moving to 21st Street, also known as Hell Yard.

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