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Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Disrespect of our women

THE EDITOR: It is with deep concern that we view the recent dramatised episode of the disrobing of a woman at the mercy of some gloating men. What a lesson for our youths. What a lesson for our women. What a carrot to dangle to our men.

All concerned citizens are trying hard to build our citizenry with a sense of purpose in life, with consideration for our fellow human beings and with the valuing of our women. However, this “performance” does the opposite, portraying women in a highly disrespectful manner.

How can we move forward to developed world status when retrograde steps are applauded and no censure from associated adults? We must all denounce this type of insensitivity which tugs at the core of our emotional growth as a people.



Stri Sevak Sabha

(Women’s Service League)

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