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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Limers beware

THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter to warn people who visit the waterfall at Thomas Trace in Matura. Be very careful when you visit. Do not leave anything in your car to attract the thieves. Make sure you leave the alarm in your car on and don't come with jewellery and too much money. Be vigilant and take your garbage with you.

In a rum shop along the Toco Main Road, the barman is selling watered-down rum, especially White Oak and Puncheon Rum. I just hope that he is not mixing it with rubbing alcohol.

The people who sell Ramco twenty-pound cylinder gas have raised the price from $23 to $25. I thought the Minister of Finance is the only person who could raise the price of gas, cigarettes, alcohol and other things but like everybody doing their own thing.

Ian Williams, Sangre Grande

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Letters to the Editor