Tobago teen charged for murder

Torrel Duke, 18, of Calder Hall, Tobago, appeared before a Scarborough magistrate on Thursday charged with the murder of 65-year-old Anthony Noel.

Noel, of Bethel, was reported missing on June 17 by relatives after he left his home to attend harvest celebrations at Lambeau. Days later, on June 23, police found his body, with his head bashed in, at cemetery, at Logwood Park, Scarborough.

Three people were held for questioning and two were subsequently released. Noel's relatives believed he was marked to be robbed after he had a conversation about a large sum of money he had while at a bar in Scarborough.

Noel was laid to rest on Wednesday and is Tobago's fifth murder victim.

Police are also investigating the discovery of the body of Lenora Patrick, 55, of Mary's Hill, lying partially in a drain east of Auchenskeoch roundabout, near Republic Bank, on Wednesday morning. A relative, a retired policeman, identified Patrick's body on Thursday.

ACP Garfield Moore said Patrick's body may have been in the drain for more than 36 hours. Moore yesterday said police are waiting an autopsy to be done this week to know how Patrick died. He said reports that Patrick’s body was dumped at the site were unconfirmed.

“I don’t know where that rumour came from I don’t know who has that evidence but no one has presented that information to me. It is a speculation and it will remain a rumour sine we have no evidence," he told Newsday Tobago


"Tobago teen charged for murder"

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