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Monday 21 October 2019
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Small aims to fill big shoes

PNM Barataria candidate Kimberly Small with her father, Raymond Small, during a walkabout on June 21. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB
PNM Barataria candidate Kimberly Small with her father, Raymond Small, during a walkabout on June 21. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB

Peak hour traffic congestion in residential areas and proper maintenance of privately-owned vacant lots are just two of the issues Kimberly Small intends to address if she wins the Barataria electoral district on a People’s National Movement (PNM) ticket in the July 16 local government by-election.

Small said traffic congestion, a long-standing problem in the growing community, could be addressed in the medium term.

“This will involve the coming together of various agencies to prepare a comprehensive plan which would involve assessing the traffic flow as well as identifying alternative routes and determining a solution which would ensure accessibility and comfort of the residents,” Small said in a Sunday Newsday interview.

The maintenance of private vacant lots, she said, can be done in the short term as owners would be contacted to maintain their premises. “If they are still not attended to, the regional corporation will maintain these lots which will result in the negligent owners facing penalties.”

A proud, fourth generation “Baratarian,” Small is a health and safety officer in the oil and gas sector and a past student of Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain.

She is hoping to be a worthy replacement for late representative, councillor Pernell Bruno in the upcoming bye-election. She said working with Bruno, who died on July 8, 2017, influenced her decision to contest the electoral district. Small, who is in her early thirties, said she was always heavily involved in her community.

Saying her work as a catechist allowed her to interact with young parents and children, Small said she later became a member of the Barataria Action Group which catered to a wider cross-section of the community.

Volunteers listen to PNM Barataria candidate Kimberly before going on a walkabout on June 21.

Reflecting on her own involvement, she said young people could play a vital role in their communities.

“W are the next generation and especially since so many young persons have accessed tertiary level education and are qualified to take over from our senior experienced professionals once properly mentored.”

With the advancements in technology, she said young people, through their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, were well equipped to make worthwhile contributions to the development of our nation.

Small claimed Barataria residents were receptive to her candidacy. “They have all expressed their satisfaction with the work of late councillor Bruno and advised that once I can continue being as accessible as he was they would continue to support me. They have also expressed their excitement that I am a young person offering to serve and are impressed by some proposed new initiatives as well as pledging their willingness to work with me once elected. Some residents have also stated their issues and concerns within our community all of which I have noted and will receive my attention when elected.”

Small also pledged to do her part in helping to rebuild family life as she believes there has been a breakdown in morals and values “which may lead to social ills.”

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