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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Bandits strike at cremation site

THREE bandits went on a rampage yesterday at the Shore of Peace Cremation site located along Mosquito Creek in La Romaine, smashing side windows of cars belonging to mourners and stealing valuables. Five cremations took place on Wednesday and attracted a huge crowd.

Following the cremations, mourners returned to their vehicles shortly after midday and found three cars broken into. The thieves stole wallets which had personal documents, cash, telephones and other valuables.

Mourners said that one of the deceased was a 65-year-old mother of Matilda in Princes Town. She was the mother of the leader of a tassa group. As such, relatives bade her farewell with lively tassa music.

“They smashed the windows of two new Tiida cars and a Wingroad. The cars were on the hill and not on the road. It had plenty tassa music. The other deceased were from Woodland and Tableland areas. I am now afraid to go funerals there,” mourner Bobby Singh of Matilda said. It was only after the discovery that the victims learnt that other mourners saw three men running off into the road. South-western division police are investigating.

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