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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Sunday arrival of Galleons Passage in Mexico

THE Galleons Passage is heading to Acapulco with an expected arrival on Saturday midnight or early Sunday morning. Yesterday’s live marine tracking at exactly 6.11 pm revealed that the boat was 99 degrees West and 780 knots away from Mexico and travelling at 11 knots.

At that current speed and slower at nights, the estimated arrival of the boat in Acapulco would be Saturday midnight or early Sunday morning. When it arrives there the Galleons Passage, bought from China by the government to service the sea bridge between Trinidad, and Tobago, will remain docked for approximately five days. The captain and crew will then commence the journey through the Panama Canal and then towards Santiago de Cuba, the journey for which is approximately ten days. The boat is to be outfitted with a deck and seats in Cuba by a Dutch company. It will then make the journey to Port of Spain. The estimated arrival date is mid-May.

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