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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Customer shoots bandit during attempted robbery

A customer at a Barataria supermarket who has a licensed gun warded off two armed bandits on Wednesday when he fired at them, hitting one in the leg.

The bandits ran away empty-handed, abandoning their getaway car at the Priority Bus Route near the supermarket.

About half an hour later, the wounded bandit went to the accident and emergency department at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, and someone from the department called the police.

However, by the time they arrived, he had escaped.

Around 2 pm on Wednesday, the men – one armed with a gun –went into Benefit Supermarket at the Eastern Main Road and announced a hold-up.

As the bandits were terrorising the owners and demanding cash, the customer pulled out his gun and fired at one of the bandits. Luckily, the bandit did not return fire but ran off with his wounded accomplice.

Police said yesterday they were viewing surveillance footage from the supermarket.

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