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Monday 24 September 2018
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Fresh faces for UWI Guild Council

AFTER a month-long campaign, the students of the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) St Augustine campus took to the polls last Thursday to elect the campus’ Guild Council, according to a release issued by UWI on Monday.

Almost all positions were filled by newcomers, as former representative for the Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA) Videsh Mosodeen was the only familiar face, being elected National Affairs Committee chairperson. Vice president Darrion Narine was elected to lead the 2018/2019 Guild Council, with former FFA representative Tariq Ali as vice president.

Among the fresh faces were Justin Subero as secretary-elect while current secretary Priya Harnarine and current Freedom Hall chairperson Dayreon Mitchell were elected treasurer and postgraduate president respectively.

According to the release, a date for the installation of the new Guild Council has yet to be set, as a decision was made during last year’s Inter Campus Guild Council to streamline the dates for installation among all three campuses across the Caribbean. However, the handover date is expected to be June 1.

The release said elections ran smoothly and were supported once again by the Delian Project, a Canadian non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping jurisdictions implement positive change in the democratic voting process through the application of technology.

The election was an historic one, as it marked the return of electronic ballot counters, which allowed for a quick release of results and also minimised the risk of corruption.


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