Bad weather, high waves affect sailing to Tobago

Adverse weather conditions and rough seas from now into early next week may affect ferry sailings between Tobago and Trinidad over the next few days.

This is according to a release from the TT Inter-Island Transport Company and the Port Authority of TT which said that its captains and ferries are guided by the international website, which is used by mariners to track wave height in open seas to determine whether the conditions are safe to sail the vessels.

The release said the latest weather update is predicting weather conditions with waves within a range of seven feet to 12 feet as off yesterday to Monday. “This recent development will pose a challenge to the captain as he cautiously manoeuvres the vessel to/from Tobago.”

The travelling public is advised that these conditions will be monitored and if necessary, the sailings of the T&T Express may be affected. Yesterday’s high waves caused the cancellation of the ferry. If the situation persists, the release said, “a decision will be made to cancel all sailings, rather than expose our passengers and the vessel to significant risks.”


"Bad weather, high waves affect sailing to Tobago"

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