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Tuesday 18 September 2018
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Beaten Tobago schoolboy recovering

Shawn Pereira assists his son Jaden on his return to Tobago after being treated in Trinidad for a head injury. PHOTO BY KINNESHA GEORGE

Jaden Perreira, the 17-year-old Tobago student who was severely beaten, and his skull fractured with a concrete block by schoolmates at the Signal Hill Secondary School in Tobago, is recovering slowly but surely.

The incident occurred almost two weeks ago. His father Sean Perreira said Jaden was still experiencing headaches and dizziness, but was feeling much better.

The fifth form student claims he has been a victim of bullying since he was in form three.

Perreira said his son was in a fight with one student when about four other boys joined in.

“When I made reports to the school and they did nothing, I would tell him to walk away, walk on the other side of the pavement or the road, but they ganged up on him,” Perreira said.

Jaden is due back in Trinidad on Tuesday for another check-up, when he will be told when doctors will implant a plate to replace the piece of his skull that had to be removed.

“Right now in front of his forehead is sinking and there is nothing we can do until they put in the plate,” his father said.

Perreira said his lawyer was still working on having the perpetrators of his son’s attack arrested and brought to justice.

“I have not seen the boys or their parents and I am not going to look for them.

“I had spoken to the teacher (his son’s) to call them in and she said it was at her discretion.” Perreira said he intends to press charges against the boys.

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