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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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TSTT claims intimidation, not so says CWU

TSTT yesterday accused the Communication Workers Union (CWU) of intimidating TSTT vice president (human resources) Carol David at her home yesterday, but the union denied actually interacting with her.

In a statement, TSTT said: “The CWU resorted to barricading Ms. David in the yard of her private residence to conduct their nefarious activities.”

Alleging the CWU had also verbally abused David last Friday, TSTT said they have reported yesterday’s alleged criminal behaviour to the police.

TSTT lamented yesterday’s incident, given that the union’s grievance is now before the Industrial Court. They hoped good sense will prevail and the union ceases its illegal actions, even as TSTT stands ready to discuss all matters relating to its employees.

In response, CWU head Clyde Elder told reporters that 20 workers had gone to David’s house to protest as, he claimed, they are allowed to do by law.

He said, not wishing to traumatise David’s son who was with her, they aborted the intended protest, and so, overall, had no interaction with David.

Elder accused TSTT of trying to brand the CWU as criminals to tarnish them. He called for the reinstatement of several TSTT ex-workers and urged a forensic audit of the company.

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