TSTT staff protest outlets’ closure again

Disgruntled TSTT staff continued to express their disapproval over the closure of nine Bmobile retail outlets with an impromptu motorcade through the streets of San Fernando yesterday.

The motorcade started just after 8am from TSTT’s Cipero Road work centre and wound its way to Harris Promenade.

Communication Workers Union (CWU) branch chairman Desmond Campbell said it was meant to demonstrate the workers’ commitment to delivering high-quality service to the public. despite complaints from customers about the service at the dealerships.

“Even technicians out on the field, every day. we are bombarded with phone calls, questions, text messages asking, ‘Where do I pay my bill, where do I do a query, how do I apply to get service?’” Campbell said in a telephone interview.

“The simplest of transactions has now become so complicated and it has become very laborious. Where customers used to come to St James Street in a serene, secure, comfortable environment, people are now thrown out there to go to small dealerships, where many of them are complaining there is no security, no washroom facilities and no air conditioning. But in many instances, they don’t feel secure, and what we have realised is that the most affected are the elderly.”

Campbell said job security was also being called into question and cited the recent dismissal of four employees who were retrenched after they allegedly questioned their new job classification.

“Today I am a technician, tomorrow they can tell me I am a janitor, and if I question how I am a janitor when I am a craftsman, then I might get a letter saying I am fired,” he said.


"TSTT staff protest outlets’ closure again"

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