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Monday 23 July 2018
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Fake oil goes to DPP

Energy Minister Franklin Khan yesterday said the fake oil scandal at Petrotrin has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. Responding to a question in the House of Representatives, Khan said the board of Petrotrin sent this matter to the DPP last November. He reminded MPs the matter arose from the findings of a Petrotrin internal audit and subsequent reports by the Kroll Consulting Canada Company and Gaffney Clyne and Associates.

Khan said his ministry and Petrotrin’s board, “have no such authority to follow the money.” The minister said Vidya Deokiesingh remains employed at Petrotrin. Khan said Deokiesingh is under investigation at the company and Petrotrin has “robust and well written procedures as to how these investigations take place.” He added this process is ongoing. Deokiesingh is a former People’s National Movement candidate.

On plans to restructure Petrotrin, Khan said no decision has been taken and it is premature to suggest any restructuring would result in retrenchment of workers. Khan recalled that last June, a report recommended the restructuring of Petrotrin into three units. However he said a new board was appointed last September and has been looking at the company, including the issue of restructuring.

Stressing that this restructuring “will come”, Khan said there will be extensive consultation with all stakeholders, especially the Oilfield Workers Trade Union. He said this was important so that there would be buy-in by all stakeholders when the restructuring happens.


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