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Friday 21 September 2018
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Minister: Sewer problems caused by flushing clothes and stones

Saying they are fed-up with a faulty sewer system at the St Mary’s Government Primary School in Moruga, parents protested in front the main gates yesterday calling on the authorities to fix the problem.

The angry parents said classes are regularly dismissed early and students are being denied a proper education as a result.

However, MP Dr Lovell Francis, who is also Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, blamed the problem on people flushing items such as clothing, bottles and stones into the sewer.

“We are not sure who is doing it,” Francis said.

“Whoever is doing that should stop it - that is the solution to the problem.”

He said the Education Facilities Company Limited has already notified a contractor to do the repairs which should be completed over the weekend.

Leading the protest yesterday was 37-year-old Derron Wilson who recalled that less than ten years ago, students relocated to the present building which was constructed to replace a dilapidated building. He believes the school was built with a faulty sewer system adding that parents are fed-up of getting quick fixes over the years.

“For the most part of November, school ended half-day,” Wilson said. “A fresh term started and it is the same thing. We need to get a permanent fix. We need the sewer system redone. Every time this happens, the MP is notified. To me, like he is fed-up and has resorted to blaming the kids for causing the problems.”

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