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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Bad road protests continue

TOTING TYRES: Police throw tyres into the bushes shortly after clearing a road in 6th Company, New Grant, as residents protested for a third straight day yesterday over the dilapidated condition of the road. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH

President General of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union Ancel Roget gave support to residents of Sixth Company, New Grant yesterday, as they continued their fiery protests for better roads.

For a third day, residents of Sixth Company protested, calling on the authorities to live up to their promises and fix their roads and major landslips.

Roget, who is originally from the area, told the protesting residents, “We are saying that your struggle is not unlike our struggle. We are prepared to join all those struggles to make sure that wherever people exist, wherever people are depressed, where they are treated with disrespect, that they get the kind of attention they deserve.” Angry residents have been highlighting their plight since Monday.

On Wednesday, police and residents clashed. Tempers flared and police used a fire hose to wet residents in an attempt to get them to disperse so the road could be cleared of the debris used in the protest. Yesterday, under the watchful eyes of heavily armed police, residents vowed to continue protesting saying they will not let up until the roads are fixed.

Simultaneously, residents of Indian Walk, Moruga, also burnt debris over deplorable road conditions. Residents complained that in September-October, as part of the Moruga road rehabilitation project, the Moruga Road in Indian Walk was dug up and, from then to now, work stopped. They say potholes and dust are hurting the residents financially and physically.

“Because of the dust, I have to visit the hospital regularly,“ Anil Singh said. ”Workers used to pass and wet the road maybe once or twice a day. More than a week ago, they stopped so the dust is all over. The place is always dusty no matter how much people clean.”

Singh, 34, who is diabetic and asthmatic, is the president of an NGO called NAYEK Foundation. The foundation assists people in the community who are less fortunate. From as early as 4 am, residents blocked areas near Perry Young Road and Ramdhanie and Chanda Trace. MP Dr Lovell Francis met with the protestors and promised relief by today. But Singh and other residents said they were not convinced.

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