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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Suite calls for improved approach in football, track

Former local football administrator Arthur Suite has called for an improved approach in both football and track and field locally.

Suite, in a recent letter issued to the media, expressed his views on the state of football in the twin-island republic.

“Presently, Trinidad and Tobago has a good structure but not enough vision,” he wrote. “Over the last few years, most of the professional clubs have been financed by the Government.

“The only desire and incentives that the clubs look forward to, besides the monthly handout from Government, is to reap Government’s further handout of prize money,” he added.

Suite called on the TT Pro League to become self-sufficient and also for the clubs to demand a higher standard of football from its players.

He noted, “Government must be vigilant in overseeing that all football finances be spent on local players, development programmes and vision and incentives to enhance and uplift football in all areas throughout Trinidad and Tobago, including Secondary Schools, the National Association Leagues, Professional and Semi Professional Leagues and any other associated Leagues.”

With regards to track and field, Suite said, “I would love to see a more aggressive approach by our National Association to take charge of all levels of athletics in Trinidad and Tobago, rather than reap the benefits of individuals who have been trained mostly in the USA.

“We also need significant national programmes and involvement from Secondary schools and at all levels of the various communities,” he added. “We need much more competitions, incentives, motivation and a greater national awareness and hope.”

He stressed, “Government also spends a lot of money on this sport and its time to get the extra reward of consistency from our athletes.”


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