Tribunal on car-wash saga

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is shortly to establish a tribunal to hear possible charges against two employees accused of arranging a supply of truckborne water to a bar in Calvary, Arima, so the bar could hold a bikini car wash several Sundays ago at a time when there was a serious water shortage in the Eastern Borough and residents were complaining desperately to their councillors, begging to get truckborne water themselves.

Both men are WASA employees, but one also owned the bar, while the other allegedly facilitated the water delivery. The two men were suspended following the incident, which caused outrage on the Arima Borough Corporation whose councillors were on the receiving end of the complaints and pleas for water.

An investigation into the incident was completed last week and a report was handed into the authority. Acting Human Resources Director, May-Ann Diaz, said on Wednesday the investigator was someone chosen from another department than the one in which the accused men worked. Now that the investigation has been completed, she said WASA’s Industrial Relations Department is reviewing the report to determine whether any charges can be laid against the men.

The department will also form the charges and establish the tribunal which will determine the punishment to be administered. WASA’s chief executive officer Dr Ellis Burris, said that under the provisions of the collective agreement, once charges are laid the men will have their salaries cut in half until the matter is determined one way or the other.


"Tribunal on car-wash saga"

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