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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Merry family homeless for Christmas

The house at Egypt Village, Point Fortin in which Judith Merry and her son Kent lived. The house was destroyed by fire yesterday.

Three puppies died yesterday in a fire, which left homeless an Egypt Village, Point Fortin mother and son. They are CEPEP worker Judith Merry, 50, and 29-year-old Kent Merry of Egypt Avenue. The puppies were not yet named as they were born, along with two others, only on Sunday.

According to police reports, residents saw flames coming from the two-bedroom wooden structure at about 10.30 am. No one was at home and, within minutes, the house was gutted.

When firefighters arrived, the house was already burnt. Point Fortin mayor Abdon Mason visited yesterday and said the borough corporation is trying its best to bring relief “in a time of scarce resources.”

“Unfortunately, we do not have any mattresses,” Mason said.

“Because of the flooding earlier in the year, we gave them out. Only recently, the family took out furniture and stuff on hire purchase. Kent has a two-month old baby who lives elsewhere, and he recently purchased items for the baby.”

Mason said the corporation is liaising with the office of the MP to determine what type of relief they can assist with.

“We are hoping we can get them one of those structures at Lake View from the Housing Development Corporation. I do not know if this is something they will consider but they do not have anywhere to go. They lost every single thing except for the mother dog and two puppies.”

Up to late yesterday the cause of the fire was not yet determined.

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