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Friday 21 June 2019
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Cry for help against domestic violence

Months of harassment by her ex-boyfriend has prompted one woman to make a public appeal for police intervention to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Angela Lawrence, 44, is calling for protection for her family from an abusive ex-companion with whom she was in a relationship for the past five months.

Lawrence, of Savannah Road, Diego Martin, visited Newsday’s head office on Chacon Street in Port of Spain yesterday to highlight her situation.

She said three months into the relationship, her companion became verbally abusive and sometimes the situation came close to blows.

“I realised something was not right with him and I ended the relationship but, to date, this man is consistently harassing and threatening me,” Lawrence said.

“It is not about me anymore, I am fearful for my children. One time he bought three bullets in his hand telling me he will use it on me. I had to call the police for him again last night (Tuesday). They held him for a while and this morning he was out again harassing me.

“I spoke to the police again and now they are telling me they have already warned the individual. I was told, because I am not with the person for more than a year I cannot take out a restraining order but I can summon him to court.”

Lawrence said she obtained the summons but did not know what she should do until December 13.

She said it was her hope someone would hear about her situation and step in to guide her accordingly.

When Newsday contacted a senior officer at CID yesterday, the officer said once a person felt threatened there was no time frame to take out a summons to attain a restraining order from a magistrate.

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