One dead in early morning accident

Biker Stefan
Biker Stefan "Reddo" Millan was killed when a Toyota motorcar collided with his Yamaha motorbike early this morning along the Churchill-Roosevelt highway.

An early morning traffic accident along the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of Orange Grove road resulted in one dead, as a Toyota Cressida collided with a Yamaha motorbike shortly after 3.40 am.

According to reports, Joseph Albono, the driver of the Cressida was travelling along the centre lane of the West bound carriageway when he spotted the motorbike a short distance away and attempted to pull onto the left lane to avoid collision, however, the bike's rider Stephen McMillan saw the oncoming vehicle and also attempted to swerve to the left, resulting in the car ramming the bike from behind, sending both McMillan and the bike flying towards the intersection.


"One dead in early morning accident"

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