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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Upset by widespread Govt incompetance

THE EDITOR: While I understand the need for the Government to source revenue to pay its bills, there was nothing in the budget that spoke directly to any specific plan for the development of TT into the future.

When the Government’s revenue measures take full effect, the cost of living will skyrocket. As usual, the vulnerable in society will feel it the most.

The Finance Minister will nary feel a thing given his regressive taxation principles. This is despite his exhortation of spreading the burden of adjustment.

I am upset that the Government is unable to collect the $2 billion owed to it by Petrotrin.

I am upset that a criminal investigation was not started into the near $100 million fake oil scandal. That money could have cushioned the impact of the budget.

I am upset over the prolonged Maracas Beach upgrade, the contract being revoked by the PNM Government.

I am upset by the same PNM Government awarding a $400 million contract to build eight kilometres of road at $50 million per kilometre.

I am upset at the wastage of taxpayers’ money to have inquiries into the leasing of the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower 2 vessels because absolutely nothing is going to come from them. And notwithstanding the hemming and hawing of past and present government ministers and the Port Authority board and management.

I am upset because the Government is taking us all for donkeys.

The Prime Minister himself stated that there was nothing to stop the Bridgeman Group from re-tendering for the Tobago passenger ferry after the Government cancelled its original charter party agreement. This was duly done.

Talk about pappyshow and mamaguy.

I am upset because, come mid-2018, WASA and T&TEC rates are going to increase. Yet these utilities owe hundreds of millions of dollars to the Treasury.

I am upset when I read the joint select committee’s report on the operations of Caribbean Airlines and see that “in 2014/15, CAL’s previous board had relinquished its rights to sue the manufacturer of the planes (ATR 72-600), which has drastically reduced CAL’s ability to correct the issue of recurring flight incidents.”

I am upset that when you look at all the things that have me upset, it is simply massive incompetence on the part of the Government in managing its State enterprises.

I was hoping that the Government would tax the many all-inclusive fetes (except those for school fund-raising) which abound at Carnival. But when you may be accustomed to getting “complimentary” tickets, it would be difficult to bite the hand that feeds you.

I had asked this question last year and repeat it now: why did he not put a tax on luxury boats? Does he own one?

Is it true that by April 2018, a new exchange system will come on us like a thief in the night?



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