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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Bandit killed by cop had New Testament in pocket

The 21-year-old Sangre Grande man, Leshon Villafana, who was shot dead by off duty police officer Rory Manmohan on Thursday night had a copy of the New Testament in his front pocket.

Relatives of the dead man told Newsday yesterday although he lived a life of crime and had several matters pending in court for robberies and break-ins, he believed in one of the Psalms in the bible which he read before he carried out any of his criminal acts.

Police investigators said yesterday Villafana appeared to be especially fond of Psalms 23 and 91 and had circled the two Psalms in the New Testament which he kept in his pocket.

Relatives also said Villafana was advised that because of his way of his life, reading the Psalms was of no use to him but he insisted that the religous tracts were going to protect him.

Relatives said they were not surprised how he died on Thursday night.

Officers of the Eastern Division said yesterday Villafana was a habitual offender of several break-ins, armed robberies and burglaries.

He only secured bail last week for a robbery and was told by a senior officer that if he did not mend his ways he would end up dead. On Thursday afternoon Constable Manmohan of the Northern Division was at the Happy Lime Casino when Villafana and another man entered. Villafana grabbed the policeman and casino attendant Feng Qi and pushed them

toward the cashier’s cage with a gun pointed to them when PC Manmohan pulled out his licensed fireman and shot Villafana once in the head.

Images of the robbery and shooting death was captured on a surveillance camera which went viral on Thursday night. Constable Manmohn was hailed a hero following the shooting death.


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