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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Flood and more flood in Trinidad

FLOODED: This photo, taken by a motorist and uploaded to the Facebook page of the Trinidad and Tobago Weather Centre shows Saddle Road in Maraval, right, under flood water next to the Maraval River which rose dangerously high following hours of heavy rainfall yesterday. PHOTOS COURTESY TT WEATHER CENTRE

Parking lots were turned into pools of stagnant brown water yesterday while streets became rivers and the Maraval River reportedly burst its banks, all due to heavy rainfall associated with an Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

Even as people begin to clean up, they must brace for more rain and riverine flooding today, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) warned at 6.06 pm yesterday.

The TTMS said "a riverine flood alert" was issued for Trinidad following the most recent rainfall activity associated with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) over the last 18-24 hours.

A businessplace in West Trinidad flooded out yesterday following hours of heavy rainfall.

"Given the additional rainfall predicted for Trinidad and Tobago (TT) and the occurrence of high tides at 9:55 pm on (September 28," the TTMS said "the possibility of rivers overtopping is real and imminent. Citizens in general, and those residing in the Caroni River Basin in particular, are asked to be on the alert for rising river levels and possible overspill. All necessary measures MUST be taken to preserve life and property."

However the TTMS strongly underscored that TT was not under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning at this time. It also advised the public to "pay close attention to information" it will be issuing by visiting its website, www.metoffice.gov.tt

Social media was inundated today with photos and videos of flooding in parts of Diego Martin, Eastern Main Road in Laventille, Maraval, Morvant, Santa Cruz and Tunapuna.

In one video, an unidentified man is heard lamenting how the flash flooding in Tunapuna had left him stranded on one side of the Eastern Main Road while his car was on the other side, in the parking lot of Diskomart supermarket.

"Well, look at my present situation here in Tunapuna. I cah even come out. One little bit of rain fall and daiz it. Father, Lord," the man said.

In videos recorded along Saddle Road, Maraval, a man laments the "terrible situation here now" as he looks at water gushing onto a bridge. "Look at this - water coming over (the bridge). The river has burst its banks," the man said.

In another video from the same area, a different man is heard saying, "We have approximately 12 feet of water. Maraval under some serious rain boy" as the camera recorded the Maraval River having burst its banks.

WATER WAY: The Eastern Main Road in Laventille was impassable yesterday after rainfall led to massive flooding.

Over in Santa Cruz, a woman was reportedly rescued by fire fighters after the vehicle she was in became trapped under flood waters in Hololo.

According to CNC3 News, "the woman made it to the hood of the vehicle but initial attempts by fire officers to get close to her via a fire truck proved futile" while TV6 News reported that "after multiple attempts, the fire service was able to rescue the woman."

The flood waters also affected students of Morvant Anglican Primary School in Morvant, some of whom were seen in a photo posted to social media gathered on the first floor balcony while flood waters inched higher and higher up the wheels of several cars and station wagons parked in the parking lot below.

One person, commenting on the photos on Facebook, pointed out that "there is a river running behind the school. This has been happening since I attended the school. That's over 18+ years."

Meanwhile at 6.30 pm today, the group Trinidad and Tobago Weather Centre (TTWC), posted a photo to its Facebook page showing flooding at dusk in Mt Lambert.

"Flooding is still occurring in Mt Lambert 2nd and 7th Avenue," TTWC stated.

Newsday understands that as of 7.30 pm, fire fighters attached to the Santa Cruz Fire Station were still out in the La Sieva area of Maraval, responding to calls. The area was said to still have "plenty slush and mud" at that time.

Flooding in Mt Lambert. Photo taken at intersection of 2nd and 7th Avenues around dusk on Thursday, September 28, 2017. PHOTO COURTESY THE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEATHER CENTRE PAGE ON FACEBOOK.

Speaking with CNC3 News this evening, Diego Martin Regional Corporation (DMRC) Chairperson, Susan Hong, said Grapefruit Crescent and La Sieva in Maraval as well as Jean Avenue in Diego Martin were the worst-affected areas.

Hong said the floods came despite the regional corporation's attempt to clean its drains and tributaries while CNC3 said, "Up to news time, we were told that there were no deaths or reports of major injuries."

People needing assistance were asked to call DMRC's Disaster Management Unit at 633-9620.


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