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Friday 17 August 2018
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Serious crimes down in South

Head of Southern Division, Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed.

While the country grapples with a serious crime problem, especially when it comes to murders, Head of Southern Division Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed is reporting a decrease in serious crimes in San Fernando, which he attributed to a greater cooperation between the citizenry and police.

Mohammed said data shows a decrease in serious crime by 160 cases, from the period January to present, as compared to the same period last year. “This is an indication that the police are working and more so, that the people in the southern division are working together with the police to ensure we have a safe division.”

Mohammed promised to continue to work with the general public to further reduce the figures. Responding to complaints by tenants of the Pleasantville Plaza, that an increase in crime is resulting in a loss of revenue as they now have to close their shops earlier, Mohammed said his information is there have been two murders and two robberies, one at the supermarket and another at the pharmacy.

He said investigations are continuing and there may be common suspects involved. Barber Christopher Wells was shot dead while sitting outside Top Notch Barber and Beauty salon in the Plaza back in March.

His killers demanded his cell phone and robbed him of his gold chain. A month earlier, truck driver Kern Joseph was also murdered outside the Plaza. A concessionaire who sells bread on the outskirts of the Plaza, was shot in his leg and robbed sometime in July. Mohammed commended business owners who have taken the decision to close their businesses earlier and suggested others take pattern.

“Any individual who finds themselves at risk, will take certain measures to protect themselves. If closing their shops earlier eliminates further risks, I have no problem with that. In fact, I think other people should pay particular attention to this type of behaviour and emulate it,” Mohammed said.

Following the kidnapping of its owner Gregory Laing in June, Puff ‘n’ Stuff Bakery, which previously operated from early morning to well past 8 pm, Monday to Sunday, is now closing its Circular Road, San Fernando outlet just after 6 pm. “As head of the southern division, I must say we have a heightened presence in areas we see necessary and the Pleasantville Plaza is one of those,” Mohammed said.

“While we pay attention to crime in Pleasantville, considering the level of crime we have in the division, we have to be mindful that there are several other areas we have to pay particular attention to and some of those areas include Marabella, Embacadere, King’s Wharf and as far and wide as St Mary’s and Moruga.

“Officers in the division will continue to make every effort to ensure a safer environment, safer division, safer community, to preserving life and preserving property,” the senior officer vowed.


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