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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Ministry to provide counselling for MIC students

Education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday promised that counselling would be provided to students, their parents and teachers at the MIC Institute of Technology’s in O’Meara, after a hostage situation there on Monday.

Speaking in the Senate, Garcia said he was meeting with MIC's chairman and vice-chairman when he received a call at 7.45 am about the situation.

"There was a slight concern about a person armed with a gun and who held somebody hostage," the minister told senators. "After getting all the facts, the decision was taken that counselling services would be provided to students, staff and the parents commencing Wednesday and continuing the day after," Garcia said.

He said additional counselling will be provided if necessary. Garcia said the firm of Elder and Associates will be providing counselling services today and tomorrow. Asked by Independent Senator Paul Richards whether security checks will be made at the institute, Garcia replied, "We have been assured that the security that is in place is adequate." He added, "The incident did not have its genesis at MIC. It started when the person boarded a taxi on the way to the institute."


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