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Sunday 21 April 2019
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Head sisters in new beginning

Tylah Head will give her first pubic performance since earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music.
Tylah Head will give her first pubic performance since earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music.

Sisters Tylah and LeAndra Head are excited about their very first show, The Beginning, that comes off tomorrow night from 8.30 pm at Fiesta Plaza in MovieTowne, Port of Spain.

Speaking about what inspired them to do this concert, Tylah said: “We just graduated from the music programme in UTT, so we wanted a debut show showcasing all the music we like to do... contemporary and modern jazz pieces, though we were trained classically at UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago), NAPA (National Academy for the Performing Arts) Campus.”

The siblings spent the last four years earning their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music.

The show on Saturday night is expected to be one hour long and it features LeAndra and Tylah performing some solo pieces and a few duets backed by a full live band that comprises fellow students –some who have graduated with them and others who are still at UTT. Those students include Judea Bharrat on piano, Lemuel Davis on drums, Rodney Alexander - bass and background vocalists Tenesha Viera and Kiana Tinto.

The sisters are hoping that this concert will give them an opening to music business as well as build supporters for their future projects.

“Hopefully the concert would be like our break into the industry, and we are also hoping to get that exposure and followers,” Tylah said. After November’s graduation, the Head girls would like to record their own music and get it out there. “I prefer contemporary music but I like different genres. So I may mix up the genres a bit,” Tylah said.

LeAndra has already tasted the public stage and was a guest performer on the last Discover Me Artiste of the Month concert featuring Tracey Gopichan, that was also held at Fiesta Plaza in MovieTowne last month.

However, it is the hope of Tylah and LeAndra that a lot of people will go out to the show and support local music and the arts.

Admission is free.

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