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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Ma Pau assists North Zone Basketball

Ma Pau has thrown its financial support behind the North Zone Basketball Commission for the 2017 season which began in June with 25 teams in four divisions. Ma Pau, over the years, has developed a relationship with the North Zone Basketball Commission and supported various events. The Zone is featuring four divisions – Boys 16 and under; Boys 21 and under; Girls 18 and under; and Men Open Divisions. The Zone has an estimated 315 players and action is expected to conclude this month.

The North Zone is a very critical component in local sports as it helps many players gain athletic scholarships at American colleges and universities through the NCAA scholarship programme.

Players competing in the league boast improved skill level and personal development. Many players are recognised as role models in their communities and some have even obtained employment because of their basketball skills which are highlighted through the local media.

“Ma Pau identifies with the positive message telegraphed by the North Zone Basketball Commission and shares the value of building the community through sports,” a press release yesterday stated.


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