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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Sicko terrorising young girls in central


EIGHT years after the court removed two girls from a sexually abusive situation and placed them in the care of other relatives, they are once again faced with a similar situation.

This time, according to their 69-year-old legal guardian, the harassment is coming from a neighbour who, he claims, positions himself in front of their home exposing his private parts and scaring the girls to the point they are now afraid even to venture outdoors on their own.

The latest incident, according to the relative, occurred just after 8 pm on Sunday and was captured on camera and uploaded to social media.

The video was recorded by a neighbour. Newsday received a copy of the footage in which a man is seen removing his trousers and exposing himself.

A report was made to the Couva Police Station and one of the girls was taken twice to the station the following day but relatives said no statement was recorded from her.

Newsday was also informed it was not the first time the villager had engaged in the lewd and disgusting behaviour while on the public road. But despite the many reports to the police, he has never been charged.

“All they would do is come and warn him,” the relative said. “And as they turn their backs, he will behave the same way again.” The relative said because of what he calls the police inaction, he was moved to raise his concerns over the safety of his young relatives at a recent police town meeting in the Central Division. He said promises were made to investigate but, to date, the situation remains the same. The pensioner is now appealing for help from the authorities to protect the girls who are 11 and 14 years old from further psychological damage.

“These children are still healing from what they went through in their early lives and don’t deserve to be exposed to this kind of behaviour again. They even ‘fraid to go in the front porch. And you know how children like to go in parlour? They don’t even want to go.”

Recalling was happened on Sunday, the man said the 11-year-old girl was in the gallery when she ran inside and told him what the man was doing. He came outside in time to see the man exposing himself and making suggestive remarks towards the child. Relatives said they called E999 and also visited the police station but police visited and just warned the man and his relatives who were in the road liming.

Newsday spoke to a senior officer who confirmed that a report was made. They said they have warned the man about his behaviour and had spoken to him on several occasions in the past but, so far, there is no evidence to have him charged with any offence.


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